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Cyberfox 51.0.2 Free Download Offline Installer [Latest]

Free Download Cyberfox 51.0.2 Offline Installer (Intel/AMD) [Latest]

Cyberfox Web Browser is a web browser based on Mozilla Firefox with the intent of being fast, stable & reliable. It ships with many customizable options allowing you to personalize your web browsing experience. Download Cyberfox Offline Installer Setup!

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Cyberfox Browser Features:

  • Uses own profile system
  • Compatible with Mozilla Firefox extensions
  • Removed features (Telemetry, Health-report, Sponsored tiles & other components that collected information)
  • Many new features built in. Choice between Australia or classic style.
  • Powered by Mozilla Mozilla Firefox source code

What’s new in this version:

– Updated: pt-PT (Portuguese) localization
– Fixed: Remove decimal point from “Browser Restart Required”
– Fixed: Passed patch for Bug 1328460 – Don’t HSTS priming requests on non-standard ports or IP addresses
– Updated: Language patches
– Fixed: No bug, Automated blocklist update from host bld-linux64-spot-254
– New: Add language selection to browser options
– New: language shipped with browser
– Fixed: Prompt for restart now, restart later or revert on language change
– Adjusted: Start the browser in e10s mode by default
– Added: Added e10s mode toggle options to browser options
– Fixed: languageMenu dropdown event fire
– Updated: pl (Polish) localization
– Updated: Sync _Build tree
– Updated: Update unity patch files
– Updated: Language pack helper tools

Download Cyberfox 51.0.2 Offline Installer (50 MB)

=> For Intel : X86 | X64

=> For AMD : X86 | X64

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