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Adobe Photoshop CC 2017.0.1 (v18.0.1) Multilingual Full Patch

Download Adobe Photoshop CC 2017.0.1Download Adobe Photoshop CC 2017.0.1 (v18.0.1) Multilingual Full Version

Adobe Photoshop adalah sebuah aplikasi desain grafis yang sangat professional dan semua orang tentu sudah tahu akan hal ini. Sekarang kita sudah menginjak ke versi 18.0.1 tentu saja ada beberapa yang diperbaiki dari versi sebelumnya. Kamu juga bisa baca baca tentang versi sebelumnya disini.

Adobe Photoshop CC 2017.0.1

Apa Yang Baru di Adobe Photoshop 2017.0.1 ?

Use the Touch Bar with Photoshop:
– Photoshop now supports Touch Bar, the multitouch display at the top of the new MacBook Pro keyboard. Touch Bar support in Photoshop is currently a technology preview feature.

Fixed customer-reported issues:
– Group blending modes act differently for 16/32-bit images
– The hit area for closing folders is hard to click on
– Error or crash with missing displacement map upon action playback
– Selecting a group expands it unexpectedly
– An issue while exporting a document with a hidden layer group
– Copy Layer Styles is missing from the Layers panel
– Crash while using the Lasso tool when the Messages app is enabled
– The Select & Mask taskspace responds slowly or crashes on computers with AMD processors
– Content-Aware Fill quits unexpectedly when the CPU has more than four cores
– The Include Vector Data option is grayed out when you save an EPS file containing a type layer


Adobe Photoshop CC 2017.0.1 Adobe Photoshop CC 2017.0.1

Download Adobe Photoshop CC 2017.0.1 (v18.0.1) Multilingual Full Patch

Size : 2.2 GB & 2.3 GB

Download 32-bit : via Google Drive | Partagora | Uptobox

Download 64-bit : via Google Drive | Partagora | Uptobox

Download Patch/Crack Only : Download Here

Cara Install Adobe Photoshop CC 2017.0.1 !

  1. Matikan koneksi internet kamu
  2. Kemudian Jalankan Setup.exe ( didalam folder build )
  3. Setelah itu tunggu installasi sampai selesai ! ( 10 menit – 15 menit )
  4. Jangan buka dulu adobe photoshop CC nya
  5. Run Patch/Crack ( AMT Emulator 0.92 )as Administrator
  6. Pilih Program Adobe Photoshop CC 2017
  7. Kemudian klik tombol install
  8. Cari Amtlib.dll di folder installasi
    C:Program Files > Adobe > Adobe Photoshop CC 2017 > amtlib.dll
  9. Klik dan OK !
  10. ENJOY !!

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